Frequent Questions

What is Cellulite?

Four conditions create the appearance of cellulite. 1. Enlarged fat lobes. 2. Fibrosis of connective tissue. 3. Poor micro circulation and 4. Fluid retention. In addition, vertical connective tissue pulls down on the skin while enlarged fat cells push up on the skin. Cellulite is directly related to hormonal variations and it tends to worsen with age.
How many sessions until I begin to see results?
No. Endermologie feels like a relaxing massage.
A typical client needs 14 to 20 treatments.
Depending on age, lifestyle and genetics, results last between a few months to one year. Once a month maintenance sessions are recommended to maintain results.
Every client is different. Variables such as weight, genetics, water consumption and physical activity effect how quickly the body responds to Endermologie. When I was certified I was taught to say that clients usually begin to see changes around session 6. However, it is rare that one of my clients has to wait that long. Most of my clients start to see changes around session 4.
How long do results last?
How many treatments are necessary?
Does Endermologie hurt?