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Chloe's Courtyard Secret

Los Angeles's best source for friendly

and experienced Endermologie.

Twenty-eight "5 Star"              reviews!

Located in the Hollywood Hills.

Meet Valerie


Welcome! My name is Valerie Martel and I am the owner of Chloe's Courtyard Secret. I have been an LPG Certified Endermologist for 15 years. I have performed Endermologie on over 600 women of varying ages, sizes and fitness levels.  Through experience I have developed techniques and strategies to slim, shape and tighten my clients bodies. 


At Chloe's Courtyard Secret you have all the advantages of a private practice. Endermologie is the only service we provide. We will create a routine designed to meet your individual needs and goals. Every Endermologist assisting me has also been LPG certified.



Come Inside! 

About Endermologie



Endermologie is a French beauty service which diminishes the appearance of cellulite. Our two strategies for smoothing skin are creating a smaller fat cell while tightening the dermis. Endermologie is a whole body deep tissue massage using a machine. It is FDA approved. 

Every Endermologie machine on the market utilizes the same technology. Automated rollers along with suction lift, stretch and mobilize deep tissue improving lipolysis (fat breakdown) by activating beta receptors (the burning of fat) in fat cells. Endermologie also stimulates the fibroblast cells of the dermis to produce collagen and elastin, causing the skin to look and feel younger. The model I use in my practice is a Cellu M6 Keymodule. I prefer this model because the main treatment head is designed with a handle. The handle enables me to perform my service with additional strength and control. 

Great Endermologie results are reliant on the skills of your Endermologist. A brand new Endermologie machine isn't going to give you satisfactory results if your Endermologist doesn't know how to properly use it.

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The women below are clients of Chloe's Courtyard Secret

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Frequent Questions
Frequent Questions
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What is Cellulite?
Multiple conditions create the appearance of cellulite. They are enlarged fat lobes, fibrosis of connective tissue, poor micro circulation and fluid retention. Dimpling of the skin occurs when vertical connective tissue pulls downward while enlarged fat cells push upward. Cellulite is directly related to hormonal variations and it tends to worsen with age.

How many sessions until I begin to see results?
Every client is different. Variables such as weight, genetics, water consumption and physical activity effect how quickly the body responds to Endermologie. During my certification class we were trained to say our clients will start to see changes around six sessions. However, most of my clients begin to see changes around session four.

How long do results last?
Depending on age, lifestyle and genetics, results last between a few months to one year. The quickest way to reverse your Endermologie results would be to gain a lot of weight. As long as a client maintains their weight and comes in once a month for maintenance sessions their skin will remain healthy and smooth. 

How many treatments are necessary?
A typical client needs 14 to 20 treatments. 


Does Endermologie hurt?
No, Endermologie feels like a pleasant massage.

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Endermologie Packages

8 Sessions  $600.00

1 Session  $80.00

($70 per session)

20 Sessions  $1,300.00

($65 per session)

14 Sessions  $980.00

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The bodysuit is provided free of charge

($75 per session)


Our Location
2016 Argyle Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90068




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